David Espinoza

CISW 400 - Client Side Web Scripting

CISW 400 - Client Side Web Scripting

Language: Javascript & Ajax

This course emphasizes the creation of dynamic and interactive web sites using a client-side scripting language such as JavaScript. Topics include the Document Object Model of web pages, core features of the client-side scripting language, event handling, control of windows and frames, functions, and form validation.

About David

I live in Sacramento with my wife Chris and my two boys Brody (6) and Zane (2). I'm currently attending classes at ARC for a certificate in Web Development. The thing is, I'm a big geek and know a lot about hardware, software, web stuff, tech gadgets, etc., but don't have that piece of paper that shows I know what I'm doing. I didn't see a point in something like an MCSE Certificate so I figured I would go for something that would allow me to use my skills for myself even if I couldn't find a paying job using them. I'm currently working and my employer is reimbursing me for the costs, but Financial Industry isn't really what I'm into. I'm hoping to be able to be in a position for the company where I can build and maintain desktop and web based apps for the business. If not, hey, I can find my own thing to do. I've put up a few sites myself and have been envolved in a few web projects with friends, and that's really where I'd like to be. I guess time will tell if I'll be able to make any kind of money doing it.

As I mentioned, I'm a big geek, so there are already quite a few things that I've been able to learn and do on my own. The main reason for taking the classes is really to fill in the knowledge gaps that come along with being self taught, and gain some new insights and techniques to allow me to get an even better understanding of what's happenning with all these 1's and 0's.